Your website loaded instantly, regardless of device used.

Your visitors expect a swift and pleasant experience when visiting your website. Any loading wait that's longer than 3 seconds can result in 40% of your visitors exiting your site because of impatience.
Enhance your website's loading speed, up to 500% faster. No code changes needed.

Your website, up to 5 times faster than before

SpeedBoost's added performance is visible to the naked eye for 9 out of 10 sites who use our acceleration solution. SpeedBoost caches your site's static elements and compresses the larger elements that usually slow down load. In doing so, your website is served to user's browser up to 5 times faster.

SpeedBoost is a cacheing and compression solution for your website's static resources, a tool that helps your website load faster in your visitors' browsers. SpeedBoost reroutes your website's traffic through our intelligent network and, as a result, your loading speed is optimised. No downtime, no dev work needed.

Automatic content caching.

SpeedBoost caches all your website's static resources, including images, CSS code and Javascript, making resource consumption more efficient and your site faster.

Browser optimisation

Your site's content is automatically optimised for the device it's being served on, without any changes to its look and feel.

Affordable Content Delivery Network

SpeedBoost is similar in approach to a CDN type of service, a tool preferred for its performance and availability by publishers all over the world.

Header optimisations

Your cache header instructions will be optimised so that the browser reduces the number of requests it directs to it.

Consolidated GZIP

All your resources will be reduced in size and delivered in a compressed form to all browsers, even those that don't natively support GZIP.

Fast activation

Stop wasting your time on code changes and complex installs. SpeedBoost is quickly activated via a simple change in your site's DNS records.

Fixed price, no matter the site

Accelerate your website with SpeedBoost, for only £10 £2/site/month, VAT not included.