Simple by design.

We develop products starting from actual market needs, in building solutions that will make your life easier. You can be sure you're opting for a plan that's been built on top of working with 200.000+ websites, spread across Europe.

Read on to discover the rest of the reasons that qualify us as a hosting supplier of choice.


99,999% uptime

99.999% also known as the "five nines" is the highest uptime guarantee in the industry. We are able to achieve these results by exclusively working with Tier-4 and Tier-3 datacentres, by collaborating with 20 Internet suppliers and by employing full-redundancy in terms of connectivity, temperature control security systems. In addition, we solely use enterprise hardware in our line of work, equipments and pieces provideid by HP and Cisco.

International internet suppliers

Every detail matters

Technical support

24/7/365 service monitoring
Proactive notification of incidents
24/7/365 email technical support
KVM over dedicated IP - on demand
Remote Hands
Remote Reboot in 1 minute - on demand

Enterprise Hardware

Servers and components from the best manufacturers
HP and Cisco internal switching
SSL & TCP Offload and HTTP acceleration
Real-time hardware compression
DDOS/DOS hardware protection - layer 7

Internet connectivity - guaranteed redundance

100% guaranteed network availability (specififed in our SLA)
Upload/download capacity of over 40Gbps, national and international traffic
Total transfer capacity of up to 400 Gbps
Full mesh topology full mesh for core and border networks
Private peering with national and international suppliers

Some of our awesome clients:

Pizza Hut
Brico Depot