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If you have recently been notified by the our support staff that your email service has been migrated to a new infrastructure, please use the following tutorial to setup your device with the new settings: (the settings also apply for Macmail, Thunderbird, IOS, Ipad, Android, etc.)
Also, the address for direct email access (sitemail) has been chaged to : (use this only after you have confirmation that your account has been migrated)
If you have any other issues or questions, please send them at
Rest assured, all the emails are accessible on the new infrastructure

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Our goal is to address all of your queries in the shortest time possible. We oblige to provide an answer to your email inquiries at our earliest availability, but no later than 2 business days since the moment the contact was received. Should you want to make a formal complaint, you can write us at and your complaint will be registered and given an issue number. In the event that the resolution provided for this complaint is not satisfactory, we invite you to email Easyhost's Communication Department, at All formal complaints will receive a response with a resolution proposition within 2 business days

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